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March 14, 2021

Springtime fatigue and lethargy

Post By: Hanan Atalay Category: Science

Went out that morning quite happy and with optimistic mood. Met few aquatances during the morning hours and all went fine. During the afternoon , I heard some of my lady friends complaining that they feel down for no reason. One of them gave it to some bad spirits. So I tried to organize an afternoon outing to cheer her up, but everyone was too tired for that!

On the way back home I also started to get that feeling of frustration for no clear reason and it was not before the weather started to change with some clouds to hide the sun and bring winter back for a little while when I remembered it was springtime and thought of Sipringtime Fatigue and Lethargy. In springtime, days grow longer and the sun light stronger. But one does not fee strong enough to cope with the surrounding. One’s energy falls short for the awakening life.

“Springtime Lethargy” is our body!s reaction to the change in the surrounding nature. Our body tries to regulate its metabolism and hormone levels according to light and temperature. Our body’s temperature ( core temperature) is lesthan a fraction of a degree centigrade less in winter than it is in summer. This causes the metabolism to slow down during these cold months, to do that, our body produces sleeping hormon called melatonin.

However in sppring light increases and temperature rises, our body then starts to produce activity hormone hormone called serotonin. Otherwise blood vessils expand causing low blood pressure. That is why our body needs time to manage this period of adaptation to summer. This perriod of adaptation takes 2 – 3weeks. However with the start of spring bacteria and viruses also become active with the temperature. We need to support our body not to lose the battle against diseases. No worry, there are so many things we can do to support our health and welcome the summer with energetic and active moods;


*  Drink a lot of water. Eat a lot of vegetables. Leave spring cleaning for later.

*  Now we know that light and warm surrounding induce the production of activity hormone serotonin, speniding a lot of time outdoors will help the adaptation of our body to the new conditions. Those who keep excercising during winter are advantaged in this process.

*  Alternatively hot and cold showers are good to improve blood circulation and vascular system and to help the body to be less vulnerable to temperature fluctuation.